Tall Thought 25: Sunday / by Jennifer Wisniewski

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"In the closet."

I have an impressive closet, if I do say so myself. It‘s been cultivated over twenty years in the fashion industry and clothes have always been an important part of my life. When I recall life-altering celebrations or catastrophes, I can tell you what I was wearing exactly – down to the shoe choice.

I’ve been stuck in a uniform rut lately. But, this week I was invited to lunch and decided to go visit the closet that I’ve been ignoring. As I scanned the range of options, all the memories of what I had done in those clothes sprang to mind. The asymmetrical pin-stripe Michael Kors dress (she came with me to Liars Club and wondered what she was doing there, as Herb drunkenly berated her about not having two sleeves.) The gold-beaded Alice + Olivia mini that danced the night away at Berlin, listening to all things Madonna.

As of late, I’ve been more conscious of dropping pounds. (As I try on pants that fit 5 years ago, that now seem sad and ill-fitting.) I took a moment and wondered why. I eat the same, work out the same and – as far as alcohol goes: I drink far less than I ever used to.

I thought of the girl who use to wear these clothes. She certainly didn’t have the stress that I have now. She might have hit a minor bump in the road but her goal was to never stop seeking. Maybe the pitfall of aging isn’t the obvious (your metabolism starts to slow down.) Obviously stopping time is out of my control but I can always remember to keep evolving – or better yet: to continue to challenge myself.

I find myself going to work and dealing with a plethora of the same problems, and the next stop is home to Stella. This is all good – it’s what I signed up for, and the added responsibility is part of getting older. Your body changes when you do the same thing over and over again. Maybe what’s slowed my metabolism down is the added focus on all things that have to do with life’s responsibilities.

What weight loss companies don’t talk about is the pattern of never-ending adult tasks that begin to replace joy and hope. We’ve seen those women that have somehow captured youth and radiate life. Betsy Johnson’s boundless energy – as she cartwheels down the runway at the end of her shows, with her scarecrow hair. It’s another gentle reminder not to be dulled by the drudgery of everyday tasks. To never forget who you are and who you once were.

I’ve never been able to do a cartwheel. I’m just not compact enough and I get dizzy even if I look up into the sky. I believe Betsy does that cartwheel to remind herself never to lose sight of the inner child. This week, my closet reminded me that it is important to dress up, mix it up, change your look – and surprise yourself. Just remember that if you fall into a fashion rut (or any rut, for that matter) – the longer you stay in … the harder it is to get out.