Thought No. 2: Sunday / by Jennifer Wisniewski

“They’re hunting Wabbit’s “

I think we were open for a year and our chef at the time wanted to put rabbit on the menu. I love rabbit. To me, it’s a gamier white meat, has more depth of flavor and it's a protein that’s not the most obvious choice. My mom made rabbit. For that reason alone: I was excited.

When I walk into the restaurant, one of the first things I do is listen to voicemail messages.  You hope it’s a reservation (or someone saying you won a million dollars), but this morning - it was neither. It was a woman on the other end of the line, seemingly very irate about how she read our menu online and was quite disturbed that rabbit was on the menu. As I recall, her words were: “I hope you fail and I’m never eating at your establishment again,” she said emphatically, and then asked, “Are you just going outside and grabbing them out of people’s yards?” The thought of the question made me chuckle, because I’m not spry enough for rabbit thievery.

I found that message hard to shake for the rest of the day. Obviously she’s not ok and we won’t be hanging out anytime soon. But what resonates, is the delusion that the rabbit feels more pain than any other animal - and she felt strongly enough about that belief to call us. We’ve never gotten a phone call like that about any of the other animal on our menu. Where’s the outrage for the pig? Or the chicken? Or lamb? Lambs are cute - hell, they’re all cute! Ethical debates on this subject don’t really interest me. Everyone has to do what they think is right ... but she got me thinking.

Sometimes I go vegan and I feel superior to others. I become delusional and think Chrissy Hynde and Stella McCartney and I will be great friends - and that I’ll look amazing in pleather. I don’t like the idea of killing anything. I certainly wouldn't say I’m an animal lover; I love them from afar. I don’t want them in my bed - but I don’t want to kill them.

That morning, I learned that it's her opinion and she has every right to it. There is no sense in making sense out of someone else’s belief system. You simply have to believe in what you’re doing and forget about pleasing everyone. It's just never, ever going to happen!   

Maybe it’s Disney? You don’t get much cuter than Thumper.

Yeah - I blame Disney.

I blame Disney for all of it.