Tall Thought 38: Sunday by Jennifer Wisniewski

"Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree."

Christmas isn’t my favorite holiday and I am always thankful when it’s over. It seems to be the only time of year when I examine my life and realize I’m not exactly where I want to be – 

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Tall Thought 31: Sunday by Jennifer Wisniewski

"No Sleep till Brooklyn"

I take sleeping medication on occasion in order to sleep. Sometimes I run out of them and say to myself, "You’ll be fine. You’re past that point. You are stronger now and you have control over your own thoughts and body." Essentially, I lie to myself.

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Tall Thought 28: Sunday by Jennifer Wisniewski

"It’s A Man’s World."

When I got married (I am now divorced), I didn’t change my name. Not for any political or social stance, just out of pure laziness. I hate long lines and waiting and I feel like if I changed my name it would require me to do both, and that alone was a deterrent.

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